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Copper Sheet

Copper Sheet

Copper sheet is typically known for durability and ease of forming through hot or cold methods. Copper sheets can be found across many industries, including electrical, construction, plumbing, and automotive. In addition to its formability, the color and natural patina copper sheet develops makes it very popular for architectural features and as an artist's material.

110 Copper Sheet

 Alro stocks copper sheet in 110 Copper (CDA C11000), a grade with the highest electrical conductivity of any metal except silver. C110 Copper has high electrical and thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance, and solderability. To be a grade 110 copper, the sheet must be 99.9% copper.
These properties, along with its workability and aesthetic appeal, make 110 copper a popular choice for plumbing fitting, welding fixtures, electrical components, and more. Alro stocks 110 copper plate, sheet, and tubing.

Typical Uses of Copper Sheet Metal

Copper sheet is a versatile, durable material that is used for a variety of applications. Copper can be hot or cold formed and it is ductile when heated. However, it is not the best choice if machining or grinding is required.  It is often used as a construction material, especially for exterior roofing projects. For example, because of its malleability, copper sheet makes an excellent material for many roof shapes. It is easily bent around chimneys, as well as roof edges. Copper sheet is used to make parts for automotive, and HVAC. The workability, color, and patina also make it popular among artists. 
Other uses for Copper sheet metal include: 
  • Welding Fixtures
  • Anodes
  • Ground Straps
  • Plumbing Fitting
  • Electrical Components
  • Power transmission components
  • Spark plugs and terminals
  • Electrodes
  • Heat exchanger components

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