Alro Steel was established in 1948 by Al and Robert Glick. Today, Alro is comprised of Alro Steel, Alro Metals, Alro Plastics and Alro Metals Outlet.

Processing Capabilities

Our cold saws allow us to cut up to 7” diameters quickly and accurately.

Production/Precision Sawing

Lower your cost of doing business! Alro can assist you in reducing your raw material inventory through careful analysis of your high-volume sawing requirements. We can also reduce your material handling costs by scheduling deliveries to meet your just in time (JIT) production requirements.
  • Streamlined material flow
  • Reduction/elimination of excess inventory cost
  • Elimination of multiple vendors
  • Minimized paperwork & reduced transaction costs
  • EDI, Bar Code and Internet File Transfer

Our Processing Capabilities Produce:
  • Tighter tolerances which can reduce or eliminate machine time
  • Square, near burr-free cuts for reduced machining clean-up
  • Surface Finish with a Low Ra (Roughness Average)

Your product's length, squareness and surface finish cut to precision

Material Non Ferrous Cold Saws Carbon Steel Cold Saws Precision Cut Band Saws
Rounds .375” to 3.5” .375” to 7” up to 28”
Squares .250” to 3.5” .250” to 6.25” up to 20”
Rd. Pipe/Tube .375” to 3.5” .375” to 7” up to 20”
Sq. Pipe/Tube .375” to 3.5” .375” to 6.25” up to 20”
Cut Length .250” to 24” .300” to 48” .187” to 36”
Length Tolerance + or - .004” + or - .004” + or - .010”
This is a guideline only. Tolerance may vary depending on material

Alro will package to meet your requirements

Your clean, oil free product will be packaged with the exact piece count per container...and without shavings.

Ask your Alro Representative about our in-house services