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Alro Plastics Product: Plexiglas® Acrylic Sheet

Since their introduction nearly 70 years ago, Plexiglas® acrylic resin and sheet products have been the standard of the industry. Their quality, consistency and ease-of-use remain unsurpassed, and they are available in a range of colors, patterns and surface textures.

Listed below is a brief description of each product in the Plexiglas® product line. For more information on any of the products simply click on the link listed below each product to be redirected to that products individual page. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact Alro Plastics at anytime for further assistance.

Plexiglas® MC (Standard Acrylic)

Plexiglas® MC acrylic sheet is made by a proprietary continuous process known as melt calendering. It offers many of the same high-quality features as Plexiglas® G sheet, and also has exceptional thickness tolerance and can be thermoformed to greater detail.

Plexiglas® MC Typical Properties Plexiglas® MC Typical Properties
Plexiglas® MC MSDS Plexiglas® MC MSDS

Plexiglas® G (Cell Cast Acrylic)

Premium architectural-grade Plexiglas® G is made by a cell-casting process which provides the following characteristics: best optical-quality, highest long-term design stress, superior weatherability, ease of fabrication, and the highest degree of chemical resistance available in an acrylic sheet.

Plexiglas® G MSDS Plexiglas® G MSDS

Plexiglas® Non-Glare Plus

Plexiglas® Non-Glare Plus acrylic sheet is part of the Plexiglas® family of picture frame products and gives framers another option when it comes to protecting artwork. Designed specifically for the framing industry, the clear acrylic sheet possesses all of the attributes of our non-glare product with added benefits.

Plexiglas® Q (Enhanced Craze-resistance)

Plexiglas® Q acrylic sheet offers enhanced craze resistance and durability. Improved crazing performance combined with optical clarity, excellent weatherability and light-weight make Plexiglas® Q an excellent choice for retail, cosmetic counter top and point-of-purchase displays.

Plexiglas® Q MSDS Plexiglas® Q MSDS

Plexiglas® SG (Impact Modified)

Plexiglas® SG impact modified acrylic sheet combines the UV stability and other physical properties of standard acrylic sheet with impact strength that is eight times greater than standard acrylic. Plexiglas® SG sheet is suitable for outdoor and indoor applications where impact strength is critical.

Plexiglas® SG MSDS Plexiglas® SG MSDS
Plexiglas® SG Plus MSDS Plexiglas® SG Plus MSDS

Plexiglas® SQ (Sign Quality)

Designed specifically for the sign market, it is very stable, exhibiting uniform thickness, excellent clarity, weatherability and UV resistance. It’s sensitive to your cost concerns too – offering economy and reliability in many sign environments.

Plexiglas® SQ MSDS Plexiglas® SQ MSDS

Plexiglas® SB (Bullet Resistant)

Plexiglas® SB acrylic sheet bullet-resisting glazing material is a lightweight, crystal-clear, non-laminated alternative for UL-752 Class I security applications. The material offers cost savings when compared with bullet-resisting glass or polycarbonate of the same UL class rating.

Plexiglas® SB Typical Properties Plexiglas® SB Typical Properties

Plexiglas® T Series (Impact Modified)

Comparing Plexiglas® T Sheet to conventional acrylic sheet is an easy job, because there really is no comparison. Plexiglas® T combines the beauty of Plexiglas® MC with toughness at least 65 percent greater than standard acrylic sheet. This means you no longer have to sacrifice clarity, design flexibility, or fabrication techniques to get additional toughness.

Plexiglas® MC Typical Properties Plexiglas® T Typical Properties
Plexiglas® MC MSDS Plexiglas® T MSDS

Plexiglas® Frosted

Durable, lightweight and uniquely finished, Plexiglas® Frosted acrylic sheet is an excellent material for backdrops, columns, lighting diffusers, illuminated signage, shelving, tabletops, visual displays and more. The unique frosted look isn’t just on the surface – it’s engineered throughout the entire acrylic structure.

Plexiglas® Frosted MSDS Plexiglas® Frosted MSDS

Plexiglas® Clear-Edge Frosted

Plexiglas® Clear-Edge Frosted Designed in response to the growing demand for matte finish looks, Plexiglas® Clear-Edge Frosted acrylic sheet contains a middle clear Plexiglas® acrylic sheet between thin top and bottom frosted surface layers. Attractive and sleek, the sheet is available in a one- or two-sided frosted formulation with a dramatic clear edge to buff or bevel.

Plexiglas® Clear-Edge Frosted MSDS Plexiglas® Clear-Edge Frosted MSDS

Plexiglas® MC Edge Color

Plexiglas® MC Edge Color acrylic sheet appears virtually colorless, until your view is drawn to the edge as it explodes in dramatic fashion. Subtle on the surface and intense on the edges, Plexiglas® MC Edge Color acrylic sheet is now available in five new stunning styles as well as two classic colors.

Plexiglas® MC Edge Color MSDS Plexiglas® MC Edge Color MSDS

Plexiglas® EdgeFX

Plexiglas® EdgeFX™ acrylic sheet exhibits a stunning color changing effect that will catch the consumer’s eye – dramatically blending dynamic colors into a subtle, uniform hue. Currently available in two striking color combinations, this unique acrylic sheet will attract attention to your display without detracting from your product.

Plexiglas® MC EdgeFX MSDS Plexiglas® MC EdgeFX MSDS

Plexiglas® ELiT (Edge-Lit Technology)

Plexiglas® ELiT (Edge-Lit Technology) acrylic sheet is designed for use in point-of-purchase displays, illuminated signage and light boxes. It offers the technological advantage where light focused on the edge of the sheet is transmitted and evenly diffused to both faces of the sheet.

Plexiglas® ELiT MSDS Plexiglas® ELiT MSDS

Plexiglas® MC Fluorescent

Plexiglas® MC Fluorescent Color acrylic sheet blazes with bright neon luminescence. In normal light the sheets glow as if illuminated from within. Add more UV light and the colors intensify. Create engraved logos for a dazzling effect, and discover six hot colors for daring results: green, blue, red, yellow and two oranges.

 Plexiglas® MC Fluorescent MSDS Plexiglas® MC Fluorescent MSDS