Alro logo Alro Steel was established in 1948 by Al and Robert Glick and has grown to include Alro Plastics, Alro Industrial Supply and Alro Metals Outlet.

Plastics Product Selection

To narrow your search for a specific product type select an Industry, Application or Shape, or
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ABS Acculam® Matrix HT™ Acetal Copolymer
Acetal Family Acetron GP (Black) Acetron GP (Natural)
Acetron MD ACM Acrylic
Acrylic Rod Acrylic Tube Ballistic Protection Family
Boltaron® 1165 Boltaron® 4330 Boltaron® 4335
Boltaron® 9815E Boltaron® Family Bullet Resistant Acrylic Sheet
Bumper Post Sleeves Cast Nylon Cast Nylon MC 901
Cast Nylon MC 907 Cast Nylon Type 6 Celazole
Clear PVC Colorboard ColorCore
Composolite CPVC Cutting Board
CuttingColors Delrin Delrin AF Blend
Delrin Colors Densetec Anti Skid Densetec Family
Densetec HMW Densetec Marine Board™ Densetec Playground Board
Densetec Sign Board DP-1051 Die Plank® Duradek
Duragrate Duragrid Duraplex
DuraShield Duratread Duratron
DURATRON 7000 PI DURATRON CU60 PBI Duratron U2300 (Ultem 2300)
DURATRON® T4203/T4301 DURATRON® U1000 PEI Durawood
Extren 525 Extren 625 FABBACK
FGI-AM™ Fiberglass Family Fluorosint® 207
Fluorosint® 500 Fluorosint® Family Fluorosint® HPV
Fluorosint® MT-01 Foamlite® P G10 (Glass Based)
G10 / FR4 G11 (High temp Glass Ep) G7 (Glass Based)
G9 (Glass Based) Gehr PA12 TR® GPO-3
HDPE HMW Sheet Hydex 202/301
Hydex® 4101 Hydex® 4101 UD Blue Hydex® 4101L
Hydlar Z Ketron® PEEK Ketron® PEEK LSG
Ketron® PEEK MD King ColorBoard® King ColorCore®
King CuttingBoard® King CuttingBoard® XL King CuttingColors®
King DuraStyle® King FlameShield King Hy-Pact®
King KPC HDPE® King KPC® Grocery Stores King MediGrade™
King MicroShield® King PipeGrade® King Plasti-Bal®
King Plasti-Shield® King Plasti-Shield® 2% King Plasti-Shield® 5%
King StarBoard® King StarBoard® AS King StarBoard® Family
King StarBoard® ST King StarBoard® WG King StarBoard® XL
King StarLite® XL KomaAlu® KomaTex®
Kynar Lab 1000 Lab 850
LDPE (Light Density PE) Light Density Tooling Board LubX® C Extruded
LubX® C Pressed LubX® CV MC® 901
MC® 907 Medical Grade Megasheet - Rochling
Micarta Mirror Noryl
NYCAST® NYMETAL Nylatron® Family Nylatron® GS
Nylatron® GSM Nylatron® GSM Blue Nylatron® LFG
Nylatron® LIG Nylatron® NSM Nylatron® WP
Nyloil Nylon 101 Nylon Extruded
Nylon Family Nylon MD Nylon MoS2
Nylon Type 6 Nylon Type 6/6 NYMETAL
Oil-Filled Nylon Optix PALSUN®
Partition Board PBT PEEK
PETG Phenolic (Cotton Based) C (Canvas) Phenolic (Cotton Based) CE (Canvas Electric)
Phenolic (Cotton Based) LE (Linen) Phenolic (Paper Based) X, XX Phenolics Family
Playground Board Plexiglas® Clear-Edge Frosted Plexiglas® EdgeFX
Plexiglas® ELiT (Edge-Lit Technology) Plexiglas® Family Plexiglas® Frosted
Plexiglas® G (Cell Cast Acrylic) Plexiglas® MC (Standard Acrylic) Plexiglas® MC Edge Color
Plexiglas® MC Fluorescent Plexiglas® Non-Glare Plus Plexiglas® Q (Enhanced Craze-resistance)
Plexiglas® SB (Bullet Resistant) Plexiglas® SG (Impact Modified) Plexiglas® SG Plus (Impact Modified)
Plexiglas® SQ (Sign Quality) Plexiglas® T Series (Impact Modified) Polycarbonate
Polycarbonate Family Polycarbonate Rod Polycarbonate Tubing
Polyethylene Polyethylene Film - Rolls Polypenco Nylon 101
Polypropylene Polystone P - Rochling Grey Polystone® M (UHMW)
Polystone® M MDT Polystone® M XDT Polysulfone
PP-1052 HD PPS Precision Board Plus
Precision Board Plus (PBHT - 300F) Precision Board Plus (PBLT - 200F) Propylux HS
PTFE PTFE (Glass Filled) PTFE Belts
PTFE Fabric PTFE Family PTFE Tape
PTFE Tubing PVC Foam Sheet PVC Type I (Rod) - Gray
PVC Type I, Type II Radel Reprocessed UHMW
ReproUHMW Rubber Safplate
Sign Board Starboard Starboard AS
Starboard Family Starboard ST Starboard XL
StarLite XL StarLite® XL Wall Panels Static Disipative
SustaPPO MG Sustarin® C MDT Sustarin® C MG
Sustarin® C XDT Sustason PPSU MG Sustason PSU MG
Tecaform® HPV 13 Tecaform® UD Blue TecaPEEK® UD BLUE
Techtron HPV Techtron PPS Techtron PPS PSBG Bearing Grade
Techtron PPS PSGF Glass Filled TIVAR® 1000 (Black) TIVAR® 1000 (Natural)
TIVAR® 88 TIVAR® CeramP TIVAR® Cleanstat
TIVAR® Dockguard TIVAR® Dryslide TIVAR® ESD/EC
TIVAR® Family TIVAR® H.O.T. (Higher Operating Temperature) TIVAR® HPV
TIVAR® MD TIVAR® Oil Filled UHMW TIVAR® Polysteel
TIVAR® UV Resistant UHMW Tooling Board (Light Density) Tooling Board Family
TUFFAK® 15 (Abrasion Resistant) TUFFAK® AR (Abrasion Resistant) TUFFAK® AU (Abrasion Resistant)
TUFFAK® BG (Bus Glazing) TUFFAK® Family TUFFAK® FC (Formable Coating)
TUFFAK® FD (FDA Compliant) TUFFAK® FI (High Flame Resistance) TUFFAK® GP (General Purpose)
TUFFAK® GP-V (Polycarbonate) TUFFAK® HV (Heavy Vehicle) TUFFAK® HYGARD BR, MS
TUFFAK® HYGARD MS1250 TUFFAK® LD (Light Diffusing) TUFFAK® LD (Light Diffusing) B27
TUFFAK® LD (Light Diffusing) B48 TUFFAK® LF (Low Flammability) TUFFAK® Lumen XT (Light Diffusing)
TUFFAK® MG (Machine Grade) TUFFAK® OP (Optical) TUFFAK® SL (Sign Grade)
TUFFAK® TG (Transportation Grade) TUFFAK® TG (Transportation Grade) 236 TUFFAK® TG (Transportation Grade) 250
TUFFAK® TG (Transportation Grade) 460 TUFFAK® TX (Transportation) TUFFAK® UC (High Visibility)
TUFFAK® UV (UV Stabilized) TUFFAK® WG (Window Grade) UHMW Adhesive Backed
UHMW Family UHMW Sheet and Tape Urethane
USDA Grating VHMW Vivak®
Vivak® Family Vivak® GP Vivak® Satin
Vivak® UV Zelux