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Faro CMM Articulating Arm

Faro CMM Articulating Arm

The Faro CMM Articulating Arm gives us the ability to measure parts up to 10 foot long with an accuracy of +/-.003”. The operator simply traces the part with the computerized head and the data points are uploaded to the laptop and stored. This allows us to easily measure arcs, radius, and curves. The Faro CMM also gives us the ability to Reverse Engineer a print from almost any sample part.

Faro CMM Arm Highlights:

- Portable CMM Arm, measures complex custom parts
- Accuracy of +/-.003” on parts up to 10 foot long
- Rapid, reliable measurements stored digitally
- Able to Reverse Engineer prints from sample parts
- Up to 10 feet of movement to measure most parts

The Faro CMM allows us to easily measure arcs, curves and radiuses on machined parts. Being portable, we can also use it right at the machine to measure parts without removing them. With an accuracy of +/-.003” on 10 foot parts, the Faro CMM covers the majority of our parts.

Faro CMM Tolerance Width/Length Portable Additional
Measure complex parts with great accuracy An accuracy of +/-.003” on parts up to 10' long 1” wide (min)up to 120” wide (max) Tripod on wheels allows operator to measure parts still on machine The ability to Reverse Engineer parts from a sample
* This chart is a guideline only. Tolerance listed is standard, we can quote alternate tolerances if needed. Tolerances may vary depending on material.