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DC53 - The Premium Choice for Deep Draw Applications

Posted on 02/01/2021

For over a decade Alro customers have turned to DC53 when they have difficult and demanding applications. Compared to the often used D-2, DC53 has double the toughness and 10 times the fatigue strength. It also machines and grinds faster than D2. 

In MetalForming Magazine Harley Davidson explains how they used DC53 for a challenging application. The Harley team explains the specific challenges of drawing stainless steel into an asymmetrical shape and why DC53 was specially selected for this application. The process took 10 months of testing to find just the right combination of tool steel plus lubricant to handle the forces created when drawing the stainless steel parts. (Full Article)

Features and benefits of DC53 include:

  • Excellent galling and wear resistance
  • High hardness range of 58-64 HRC without brittleness
  • Exceptional toughness and fatigue properties
  • Fine-grain structure allows for significantly better machining properties than D2
  • High temper resistance to support Nitride surface treatments as well as PVD, CVD & TD coatings
  • Available in Rounds ¼” - 20” diameter, Flats ½” - 12” thick, Forged Billet Stock also available

DC53 is well tested in a variety of applications including: 

  • Draw & Form Dies
  • Shear Blades
  • Thread & Form Rolls
  • Mill Rolls & Slitters
  • Trim Dies
  • Cold Heading Dies
  • Punches
  • Shredder Knives

MetalForming Magazine: Harley Davidson Selects DC53 for Deep Drawn Fenders

DC53 Flyer