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Al Glick Youth Football Camp 2018

Posted on 06/23/2018

The 1st Annual Al Glick Youth Football Camp was held on June 23, 2018. This one-day camp included over 250 kids, 4th to 9th grade from Jackson County, Michigan. Coaches for the event included current and former University of Michigan players and coaches, as well as local high school coaches from Jackson County. The event was held at Jackson High School’s Withington Stadium on Dungy Field. The campers shared breakfast and lunch together in addition to 4 hours of football instruction. Legacy Football Organization ran the 4-hour camp.

The guest speaker to start the event was Jim Harbaugh, head coach of the University of Michigan football. Jim noted the great turnout for the first year and the importance of camps like the Al Glick Youth Football Camp. The Glick family has been a supporter of Jackson area schools and youth programs for many years. Although Al never played football, he gained a passion for the sport and the teamwork required to perform at a high level. Al often uses examples of the parallels between sports and the business world: “My family has always been into sports. I got involved with football more than any other sport and in my mind, football is a great learning experience for life. You learn about teamwork, communications, working together, and you build life-long friends out of football.

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