Alro logo Alro Steel was established in 1948 by Al and Robert Glick and has grown to include Alro Plastics and Alro Industrial Supply.

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Alro Steel True Story - The History of Alro

JTV featured Al Glick and Alro Steel in their 30-minute TV show "True Story" in November 2019.

The Alro Difference - Alro Steel

Since 1948, Alro Steel has been your one-stop-shop for metals. Alro Steel has over 75 locations in 15 states bring numerous processing services and fast delivery. Learn more at

The Alro Difference - Alro Plastics

Since 1987, Alro Plastics has been serving customers of all sizes. We stock plastics from the top manufacturers and we focus on accurate fast delivery. In addition to a large inventory, Alro Plastics provides value-added processing services including waterjet cutting, CNC, welding, and more. Learn more at

Alro Commercials
Alro Metals Outlet Back Against Wall
Commercial 7
Alro Metals Outlet - When you need metal! Alro Metals Outlet is your one stop shop for cut to size metals and plastics. This commercial was produced in October, 2017 at our Troy, Michigan location. Learn more by visiting
Supermarket for Plastics - Alro Plastics
Commercial 5
Alro Plastics Commercial, our supermarket for plastics! Alro Plastics offers our customers sheet, rod, tube and custom machined parts. We specialize in general engineered, high performance, and fiberglass. Whether your business is large or small, we will provide competitive prices, technical support, and superior service.
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About Alro
Alro Plastics Video
Alro Plastics began in 1987 in Jackson, Michigan to sell plastic shapes and machined parts to Alro Steel’s existing customer base. Alro Plastics' focus is on helping customers select the proper materials for their industrial application and stocking the appropriate engineered materials. Alro Plastics product offerings include sheet, rod, tube and machined parts. Learn more at
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Jumbo 24" Tube Laser - Alro Steel
Alro Steel's Jumbo 24" Tube Laser can provide laser cutting on carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. We can cut angle, channel, beam, as well as round, square or rectangular tube.
Features include:
- Ability to miter cut, tap, notch, pipe joints, slot holes, tabs, etching, and more
- Reduces the need for sawing, fixturing, milling, drilling, punching, bending, and welding
- Dramatically reduce assembly time
- High quality cut and parts repeatability
Structural Saw Cutting Mitering, and Bundle Cutting
All Alro warehouses employ state-of-the-art equipment for handling and processing orders. Alro offers next-day delivery on most saw-cutting orders. We can cut your material to a specified length for storage or handling or your order can be cut within your specified tolerance.

Types of Saw Cutting offered:
Bar sawing
Miter sawing
Structural sawing
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Alro Steel Tour - Oshkosh
Take a virtual tour of the new Alro Steel Oshkosh facility. The new facility is 194,000 sq. feet features expanded inventory and processing services including flame and plasma cutting, shot blasting, automated deburring, and much more.
Alro Metals Outlet Tour - Jackson, Michigan
Alro Metals Outlet facility tour in Jackson, Michigan. Alro Metals Outlet division has multiple locations to serve our customers. Find all your metal and plastic needs, cut to size, while you wait. Public welcome! Come and browse our vast selection today. Learn more by visiting us at
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Training Videos
Tube Laser Training Full Video
Alro offers this video to help explain this processing available for many different grades, shapes and sizes of carbon, aluminum and stainless steel. Let Alro help reduce your costs, reduce your inventory, and improve profitability by concentrating on manufacturing.
Tube Laser Training (Angle)
Normal to Surface (Angle) - This video will help explain Normal to Surface cutting on Alro's Tube Lasers. This processing is available for many different grades, shapes and sizes of carbon, aluminum and stainless steel. This videos highlights structural products including angle, channel and tubing. Let Alro help reduce your costs and improve profitability.
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